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16 August 2011


Shann I LOVE YOU MAN... and waiting on AutoCAD LT in Poland ;-)
Today is my birthday. You made me the best gift I can imagine! WOW!

Happy Birthday!

Shaan do you have information when can I expect AutoCAD LT in Polisch MAS?

There are no public plans for AutoCAD LT for Mac on the Mac App Store outside US/Canada. When details become available publicly, I will mention them on this blog.

Pleas, don't tell me that I can get my Birthday gift ;-( So pleas tell me AutoCAD LT is exclusive for US/Canada? I was waiting on this news VERY long. How can I buy ACLT in Poland?

I wish LT becomes available soon in Europe! For those who don't need the power of full AutoCAD, LT hits the sweet point between functionality and price!

I'm sure to buy it the day it becomes available in Spain.

what's next? linux? kidding :)

I'm with you Dove! ;-)

Meh... bit of a let down given all the hype, especially since it mislead all the non mac autocad users!

great for the mac guys though i suppose.

When are the WS products going to allow looking at a local drive (or doing a sync of a local drive to the cloud) instead of just looking at the cloud? This is important for businesses that have a large library of drawings on a local network drive and they want users to be using the correct drawing.

When will AutoCad 12 LT for MAC be in the UK

Unfortunatly I cannot provide dates due to being a public company and rules, but it is planned. I will blog the announcement when it is announced.



Any idea if there's an option anywhere to test drive / trial a AutoCAD LT for Mac?

I've tried the AutoCAD for Mac version and it was a little more of a memory and energy hog than I can support right now on my 13" 2010 MBP. I'm wondering if the LT version would be a bit lighter in operation and resources?


The way applications on the Mac App store are there is no mechanism for trial products. We have heard the request for an AutroCAD LT for Mac trial but there is no mechanism to allow a trial unless we developed two entire versions of the product and licensing technologies.


I know that Autocad Lt is not available in Chile, but my question is: Is any way to buy it it in the United States?

US residents can purchase it but exporting it out of the country would not be in accordance with the license agreement.

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