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07 July 2011


Any chance of the East Coast hosting again? With restricted travel budgets it would be nice for us Govt. types to be able to attend (not to mention all the other commercial firms on the east coast).

Vegas is the cheapest place in the US for all attendies to travel too. What other city has as many direct flights to and from? Heck Grand Forks North Dakota has a direct flight to Vegas!

So far - I have attended all 21 that have been held in the USA. I would LOVE to see it return to the east coast as well.

The hard part is where would you hold AU on the East Coast that could accommodate the amount of attendees, reasonable priced, and easy to get to. It was a strong consensus that people did not like the AU 2005 Disney World location. There have been other AUs on the East Coast but nothing was a one place suits all as Vegas has been.

I am all for other locations but the hard part is where, as no matter where it is located someone will prefer it closer to home.

Of all those I attended (US only) I think 97 in LA was my favorite. The last of the 90's over-the-top spending era.

I was at the '93 event, but I think it was called CAD camp then. I'm tagged in a photo on FB I think.

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