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24 June 2011


Hello. Can you suggest me some app like TrueView but under Mac OS X?

There is currently no Mac version of Trueview, but for a short time of 30 days you could run the AutoCAD for Mac trial to view, plot, and edit DWG files.

For limited markeup, collaboration, and viewing you could use the free AutoCAD WS. http://www.autocadws.com/

If you published to DWF there is the free Freewheel http://freewheel.autodesk.com/ or McDwiff from http://www.macdwf.com/

Thank you for answer. My trial of AC for Mac expired long time ago. I`m still waiting on AutoCAD LT for Mac and I hope my sad time of virtualization Windows on Mac OS X will end soon ;-)
PS. Please tell me that I have right and Autodesk soon release AC LT for Mac. Please! ;-)

I cannot provide any details on any future products, but we understand you and many others want a native AutoCAD LT on the Mac. In the meantime if you want AutoCAD LT on the Mac virtualization is the only solution but thankfully virtualization technology has really improved in recent years.

Thank you,

I understand and I hope you are working on new AC LT for Mac. Virtualization is fine but when you try native AutoCad you don`t want work on Windows. Soon Mac OS Lion will be unlashed this is a good time to show new AutoCAD for Mac OS X. I`m waiting on this news on your blog ;-)

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