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06 June 2011


Awwww, no CAD Camp in SLC?

Correct, no SLC AUGI CAD Camp this year, but we can always meetup here and also at the local user groups. I could help work with local user groups for the top industry speakers as they do come here quite often. Also Prosoft held a great 2012 launch event last month that had top notch speakers and training for free.

Considering that the San Diego event is to be held on a campus of one of the worst actors in the impending for-profit education scandal (future government bailout caused by defaults on student loans for overpriced educations), I'll have to pass.

I once taught CAD drafting for this ethically challenged company until my concience got the better of me. I wouldn't blame you if you did not post this comment, but if you want to know more of my experiences, feel free to ask.


AUGI CAD Camp looks for affordable and decent located locations. I am pretty sure that politics are not considered when finding a location.


Yes, the Prosoft event was great! I skipped the usual ACAD C3D stuff and opted for some Navisworks, QTO and Licensing/IT courses.

I am afraid that user group participation isn't very robust here for Civil 3D or AutoCAD (perhaps one of the reasons the CAD Camp skipped us). Although, Revit users seem to have a thriving community here. We need to have another user group meeting Shaan! Any plans?

Perhaps we hold a once or twice a year group meeting for networking all disciplines from civil, general design, BIM, Mech, and Animation a true cross disciplinary Autodesk User Group here in Utah.

What do you think?

Love it!!!

I really enjoyed the last one we did. I think that was more than a year ago, right?
When it comes to anything "Autodesk" related I am fair game. You can always count me in!

Yes 5/2008 was the last AUGI CAD Camp in SLC I remember.

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