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31 May 2011


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» House on Fire Ancestral Pueblo Ruins in Autodesks Project Photofly and AutoCAD from Between the Lines
I visited South Eastern Utah this spring to capture in photos some of the natural geology like Arches National Park and also some of the amazing archeological sites from the ancient pueblo cultures from about 800-1500 year old. I took a series of phot... [Read More]

» Project Photofly What are you doing with it? from Between the Lines
Judging from the online Project Photofly Gallery and YouTube videos posted, it appears that many are experimenting, exploring, learning, and having fun with the new free technology preview Project Photofly release 2 which can take your photos and creat... [Read More]

» Project Photofly Produced Video of Kiva Ruin from Between the Lines
Last week I was in Southeastern Utah in the Cedar Mesa region which is one of the most rich archeological regions in the United States with sites remaining today dating back 5000 years from the Ancient Pueblo and Basketmaker cultures. This first exampl... [Read More]

» Autodesk Project Photofly Tips and Tricks from Between the Lines
Project Photofly is a free early Autodesk Labs technology preview that allows anyone with a digital camera to create 3D models from photographs. Project Photofly is two parts one the cloud computing technology and the second the desktop application nam... [Read More]

» Capturing the World Around You in 3D - Some Project Photofly Examples from Between the Lines
Project Photofly allows anyone with a common point and shoot digital camera to create near accurate 3D models from photographs using the power of cloud computing. Creating 3D models is almost as simple as snapping the photos. Here are some of the 3D P... [Read More]

» Project Photofly 2.1 update from Between the Lines
A Project Photofly 2.1 update has just been released. This update is a minor release update to improve based on feedback and testing since release of 2.0 a month ago. [Read More]

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