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09 May 2011


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» Hunz Music Band Uses Project Photofly in their Music Video from Between the Lines
The Australian band the Hunz are not only are a creative group of musicians, but also very creative visual artist that surprised us with their new music video. The band used used Autodesk Labs Project Photofly in their video for a cool special effect. [Read More]


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John Travolta was not “the worlds great hacker” in swordfish. He was the villain.

Thanks Bryce, my memory of that film was not as good and accurate as yours. Still AutoCAD saved the world.

Well, it's appropo to nothin' (in other words, "who cares") but i believe grammatically he is saying the character in the movie (of that title) played by John Travolta.

If I recall correctly it was running on UNIX, too.


what is the name of the building that appears when you open autocad architecture 2010. It has a metal mesh in front of the building. Thanks


Here are the last three release splash images:
ACA 2010 – Hartford 21 - CBT Architects
ACA 2011 – Phoenix convention center - Populous
ACA 2012 - University of Massachusetts-Amherst the building is the New Laboratory Science Building - Wilson Architects

I think the REM video will give me nightmares.

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