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25 May 2011


Looks great but what about cross-platform support? It seems strange that Qt is being used for Maya and Mudbox but not new projects. Some love for us on OS X, please.

Unless this is planned just as a demo for a web-based service.


Thank you for your comment. The free Project Photofly Technology Preview uses a Photo Scene Editor desktop client that works with a web service for computing the scenes. Currently the Photo Scene Editor desktop client is available only on Windows due to some of the technology and libraries as well as the widest initial audience. Cross platform is something we can aim for after refining the technology in the preview development and feedback process.

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When is this due to be released? Thank you.

If all goes well in testing as planned, it could be released by end of the month.

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Would apreciate a version for Mac! Everything looks so great. Congratulation to all of you!

how we can be notified of the releases so we can download and test. am extremely excite for this technology

today is end of This month (:)

this kind of technology is awesome, hopefully i dont expect to much !
I would love to replace the highcost 3dscans, if i am able to scan buildingfassades with photos.

Is this project somehow related to the insight project ?


it always crashes when the upload is finished...

The project email is labs.photofly@autodesk.com. We would need to know more details like any error text or your systems details. Is it one scene and not crashing all different projects you have tried? Have you tried re-installing?


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