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29 April 2011


Try the same with arc based boundaries and you will see that it does not work.

If you xclip a block with hatches and the boundary is having arcs it does not work.

Good tip, but unfortunately it doesn't work correctly with polyline boundaries, that contains arc segments.

Thank you for the feedback. This is not a one solution for all arc type objects but is good for many cases and common objects. Polylines are just a different type of animal.

To Maxim and Drafter,

Thanks for the comments. yes, you are correct. It is unfortunate but while the boundary can be closed or open, it must contain straight line segments only.

If you chose to include curved segments AutoCAD will automatically convert the boundary path to straight lines.

The method I demonstrated here has a polyline which is separate to the clipping boundary. This polyline is on a separate layer which will allow you to control the plot settings.

If you need the Clipping boundary to match the plotted shape more accurately, then you could increase the number of straight line segments that make up the curve.

For example A 12 sided polygon will look pretty similar to a circle. You can Increase the number of sides to get a closer fit.

I hope that this helps!


Paul A.K.A - The CAD Setter Out.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for reply.
In this case, I think, it is better to use CLIPIT command from Express Tools instead of the standard commands CLIP (or XCLIP) - it allows to automate the process of approximation of curves for the clipping boundary.


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You can use Superhatch command for this..

I have a challenging question, what if i want my hatch (standard hatch or custom hatch) to follow a curved path.

say i want to hatch a curved pathwalk in which the hatch pattern should follow the curve. how can i do this?

So i am wondering it too Manny. How can we create new complex hatches including pictures or numbers within the hatch texture?

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