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05 April 2011


Hi Shaan,
Just want to confirm, MapGuide or AIMS2012 is Citrix ready? BTW, Map 3D Enterprise is not equal to MapGuide Eneterorise, which is web-based product, while Map 3D Enterprise is desktop product.

Now we need opinions and comments from real world experience users and not marketing press release.

I made the correction as it is Map 3D Enterprise.

Thank you,

Completely agree, but announcements always come first. There are already customers that implemented this Citrix solution, now 8 more products Citrix tested.

No Civil 3D. Will that happen?

No word on any other future product Citrix-Ready testing, but I did send the note to the C3D Team.

Christmas 2011 1.0 :)

Dave, Thank you for the comment.
It would be Christmas 2011 1.0 here on this blog to get a guest post based on your experience and how to help other Network Administrators in large organizations and also mention your great resource book.
The AutoCAD Network Administrator's Bible, 2011 Edition


Holy McCrap! That's very nice of you. I can't think of anything to add to the discussion about the Citrix/XenApp announcement at this point - other than to applaud the decision. I have heard from colleagues that are unanimously optimistic about this. Between the Citrix support decision, AutoCAD Mac and AutoCAD WS it's an obvious sign that Autodesk is getting more aggressive in maintaining a positive lead in the innovation of their products and markets. I know that sounds contrived, it's not, but it's a true statement. Let me know how I can help with your efforts - I will do what I can. Thanks again!

I forgot to mention that the 2012 Edition is out now. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004U2UWRU (I hope the shameless plug is ok?)

It was not on Citrix specifically but a tips and tricks and pitfalls for a network administrator for AutoCAD in a large organization. I know this is your forte and you know all the angles in deployment, customization, beating people until they follow standards etc. :-)


Ah! Gotcha. How long should this article be? :)


That's your call as a guest author but perhaps 5 paragraphs with some images would be a good fit and a good taste for people to get something out of the posting. Also mention your book where they can get more wisdom on network admin for AutoCAD. Share the knowledge and offer a resource is key as a benefit for both you and the readers. PLease feel free to email me direct.


Sweet I love mentioning resources and books to readers. Saves them pulling their hair out finding their own solutions or best practices.

Congratulations on the new book.


I'll email you something soon.

Would agree with comments above about seeing real world experiences. This will no doubt come in the future :) Thanks for the heads up on this announcement

That's really great news, definately this will come in the future but, the future sounds good for me cause this will help me really much on my office network.

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