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24 March 2011


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Autocad 2012 can utilize how many GB of RAM?


It can use all you can provide but there are OS limits. The OS 32-Bit OS has a 4Gb limit while 64-bit is 192Gb.

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i have already installed autocad 2012 64bit of my laptop but i cannot open because of SOFTLOCK LICENSE MANAGER problem, what is that mean?

Sounds like your software might be installed improperly or there was a problem with the license activation system.

You can find the solutions at

There is also the great Autodesk discussion forums:


I can't open the keygen x64 on Vista. What should I do?


There are two solutions.

1. Purchase the software and get a legitimate activation code.
2. Contact for support.

Does AUTOCAD 2012 installation work well on WIndows Server 2003 OS?

can autocad works on windows 7 home premium...plzz rply sirr

sure thing, Im running autocad 2012 and 2013 on windows 7 home premium

Would a "NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 630M" graphics card be sufficient for AutoCAD?


Check out the hardware compatibility website.



I have a pc with Intel Pentium D CPU 2.66Hz 2.67 GHz, 2 gb Ram, 32-bit Windows Vista. Is this acceptable to run Autocad 2012? And would this system support Autocad 2013 please? I saw that 2013 supports Windows 7, but just wanted to see if I can try running it on Vista. What are your thoughts/recommendations please?
Thank you!

Your laptop seems to be a little light for considering a heavy CAD graphgics program like AutoCAD. I dont know what is acceptable or if you are creating small drawings or large 3D models but have a feeling the performance might be slow with Vista and 2Gb RAM and assuming an equally low graphics card. AutoCAD 2013 does not offcially support Windows Vista only Windows 7 and XP.

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