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22 March 2011


dang, you guys will be on AutoCAD 2016 by the time the world ends on 12/21/2012 at this pace!!

What the hell happen to the hatch command in 2011!! This is a disaster to use, please revert back to 2010, when something works fine (2010) it ain't broke, please leave it alone!!

Hopefully others agree and 2012 will be improved............


What is the exact issues you are experiencing and perhaps I can assist? Most of the commands are improved based on customer feedback. Try switching to the Classic Workspace to get things like they mostly were a few releases back.


Disappointed that EDITINFUSION does NOT show up in AutoCAD Architecture 2012, even though installer allows installation (I guess as a stand-alone only). It is documented in the help files for AutoCAD within ACA 2012, but not present in the interface

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