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17 February 2011


that's fun -- i never noticed this drawing in the samples!
this is a highly useful file for teaching zooms/views/units/precision.

i got curious as to how WS would handle it... alas, precision was way off when i zoomed into the lander, and the astronauts' names disappeared on the plaque.

Shaan, I didn't get a chance to review the drawing itself, but the graphic above has a couple of errors.... (Edwin) Buzz's last name is ALDRIN and of course the year was 1969

The plaque is exactly as it is in the old drawing. Looks like typos were made back in 1982.

Looks like I typo'd the date from the plaque but Aldrin's name was a typo by others back in 1982. I will correct it and update the DWG to be more historically correct.

Thanks for the Eagle Eye. I should have spotted that.

The post and DWG have been updated. I bet the typo was a funny easter egg hidden in the original drawing. Considering the space knowledge background of the Autodesk founders it would not be missed. In fact they were so detailed the sun calculations in AutoCAD take into account the slight wobble in the axis of the Earth. People used to log bugs on that, but it was accurate.

I'm only left wondering why it hasn't been updated in 3d to be more accurate. ;-)


Perfect idea! I will place that on my list of fun things to do. I already have the Earth completed.

Thank you for the comment and reading the blog.


Good Point to draw the world map to actual scale and make people pin before they come to AU 2011.

Excellent File! I have used this file in my AutoCAD Level 1 classes for a long time to show the zoom and regen commands. People are always blown away at how accurate AutoCAD is and helps them understand why they need to do regen sometimes.

Great post Shaan! I remember this drawing when I first started learning AutoCAD, and completely forgot about it. I will start using it in my training. A 3D drawing of the solar system would be fantastic.

Great Post Shaan, I still have the old drawing and used it as a demonstration of full scale when teaching at the local college. Thanks for the nostalgic update...boy I feel old!

The Solar System' (p.3) - free CAD blocks and signs (DWG+RFA+IPT, 3D/2D) by CAD Facilities. ... Sizing 175,8kB • from 1.9.2010.


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