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22 February 2011


Hi Paul/Shaan,

On my machine (C3D 2011 V2, XP-SP3, 2.83GHz quad-core), it tends to take 1½ to 2 minutes to print a single layout.

Is this how long it takes you?

PS: It looks fine in a PDF viewer, but when it prints out the background aerial is fine, but corridor/text/leaders are all over the show.

Well ... you said "IN ONE CLICK" ... that was a lot of clicks since the first one ... So to be in a single click ... just do the EXPORTPDF , type the name of the file and hit the "Save" button ... but, as anything in Autocad ... either .. it could not be done in a single click. :D

Hi! I do not have the'output' tab, is it because my AutoCad was not installed correctly?

I use http://share.kagoon.com which converts any document type to html and stores it online without ads or requirement to install anything.

This PDF tool is good for the most part. I use 'exportpdf' and it is then saved into the folder of my choice.

However, when I open the pdf to check the 'plot' after I have used Arial.ttf as the mtext font, I get this message:

"Cannot find or create the font 'ArialMT'. Some characters may not display or print correctly."

This is because, for some unknown reason, the symbols of %%C,%%D, and %%P, are not shown at all and leaves the whole line of text shown as:


This applies to Arial Baltic.ttf, Arial CE.ttf, Arial CYR.ttf, Arial Greek.ttf, and Arial TUR.ttf.
I can, however, use Arial Narrow.ttf and Arial Unicode MS.ttf
I can, of course, use another font entirely but most companies use Arial as their standard font!

The solution is to change the encoding of your .DCL file to UTF-8.

You can also search support.autodesk.com

thanks a lot..it really easy with 2012..

WHen I done convert it to PDF, the result of the file, the image is not in the center, always on the left, I can't set it to center, like when we do plotting, we can set "Center to Plot". Any idea how to set it?

Ya the function is good...but i tried and find there is some bug/error...
1) althought i have follow all the step mentioned above and selected "all layout" and "multi-sheet" but the result of the files is only 1 layout then i need to do restart again select "all layout" then only it will combine all layout into 1 pdf files
2) the pdf result is colour althought i have set my layer setting to black....
can anybody help/advise on this?? thks :)

You mention that this was added with Acad 2009, but it looks like you are using Acad 2011 (and later in the post, you refer to the Acad 2011 help). I ask because I am running 2010, and EXPORTPDF is not a recongized command, nor do I have the Output tab. Any insight would be much appreciated!

It was definitely in base AutoCAD 2010 and was also included as a extension in AutoCAD 2009.

You can even see the command in the AutoCAD 2010 Help:

Hi Paul/Shaa

i need some documents a bout auto cad p/s attach


Thank you for the comment but I am not sure I understand what you are asking for.

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