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07 January 2011


I am running AutoCAD 2010 for Mac and am coming across a huge problem when printing to PDF: all lineweights disappear. In my page layouts lineweights are present and can be seen, but when I save as a PDF, not only do lineweights disappear but all curved & arc lines are changes to be jagged and not smooth as well as distorted. In addition, images that I've xref into the layout are totally unreadable and blurry.

Please please help me. I have this project coming up fast on me and am getting super stressed over this.


The scale on my print out is totally out comparing to my actual autocad layout and drawing. How do I solve this? please help..

There could be several reasons for this in your Pagesetup, device printable boundaries, or others.

I would suggest checking out a great resource with several years of answers- the Autodesk forum for AutoCAD Plotting as the experts in AutoCAD Plotting.


Also the AutoCAD Support Knowledgebase

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