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02 December 2010


#3) Can be done with Hot Grips

#9) Inserts on the current layer

I wish that the Sheet Set - Sheet View Categories list had the ability to be rearrange. I just had to say it...

Um, #2) can be done with the BATTMAN command for attributes, and Edit Block In Place for graphical subobjects.

Shouldn't someone review these *before* they are voted on so there is room in the list for stuff for which we don't already have good solutions.

AutoCAD is so rich that no one can remember or keep up on everything available, so there are often many overlooked solutions ;-(

A good annual AUGI newsletter article would be a list of wishlist items which already have solutions, with explanations of their solutions. And then they could be removed from the wishlist befoer voting, or at least footnoted in the wishlist with links to their solutions so voters could be better informed and not waste their votes on unnecessary wishes.

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