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30 September 2010


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I do not load drawings from our company on any server outside our network.
I want to upload my drawings on my iPad or iPhone with iTunes from my computer.
Without that feature AutoCAD WS Mobile is extremely superfluous.
There never is a fast internet access on a construction site.


Thank you for the feedback. We have heard that concern and request prior, we will try to get that feature request on our roadmap.


Hi Alois,

AutoCAD WS next release(coming soon) will enable users to open DWG files which were recieved as e-mail attachments.

As for the iTunes - we're looking into it.

Iris, AutoCAD WS team.

Hi Shaan
Downloaded WS yesterday. I use my iPad a lot and have been looking forward to this for ages. I have bound a couple of my drawings in paperspace as i use refs, but it only shows the model ref not the saved paperspace view that i really want. Is there an update coming along or is there something i am not doing or need to do. Also it keeps saying that my drawing has 3d which is nit currently supported, but I only draw in 2d ??? Is this a initial problem. Other than the above i love the idea as it saves taking paper drawings to site, any ideas.

Hi Rob,
We don't have layouts support yet, I know it's important for many of our users, especially inventor users.

As for the 3D indication - some 2D drawings include objects which can be 3D objects (such as 3D polyline) or objects which are located on different Z values. Other than the 3D indication - Does your drawing look identical to AutoCAD's display?

Are they any plans to create a Revit WS?

I was really looking forward to this app. In fact it was more or less the reason for buying the Ipad.
Although I have very good wifi connection both at work and at home the app constantly reminds me that I have no connection to the Autocad WS service. Although if I ok the announcement it eventually finds my drawings, but then continues to show me the error.

Hi Iris,
Thanks for getting back to me. I hope that the layout support come along soon as that will be great.
The drawing is the same in autocad and on the ipad / WS version. No 3D polylines have been used in my drawings so a bit stuck ??

Hi Rob, we had some scaling problems due to the massive usage. We've tripled the number of servers which run the application yesterday. Give us another shot this week.

Rob, we had some scalability problems due to the massive traffic. We've tripled the number of servers which run the application yesterday. Things work better now and we have less disconnections. Give us another shot this week.

Are there any plans to extend support for the WS plugin to ACAD 2010?


We hope to have something soon to address your request to have an AutoCAD 2010 version of the AutoCAD WS plugin.

Best Regards,

What does the WS in AutoCAD WS stand for?


The "WS" does not stand for anything.

Best Regards,


Thank you for the request. Would you expect AutoCAD WS to support .RVT files or a new Revit WS service?

Best Regards,

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