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29 August 2010


It is not essential to use the autodesk monochrome plot style, if your plot style has all colors or name plot styles set to an output color of black or grey scale. In this case you only need to set the "display plot styles" and apply the change to the layout.

There was a simple global monochrome display toggle back in ancient history, but my AutoCAD trivia brain fails me as far as pinpointing the exact release where that feature was removed. It may have been R14, but I'm not sure.

Yes, in R14 there was a monochrome setting in display preferences.

Thanks Jon,

Your right, I just used the method I use. So many ways to accomplish things that you can just get used to doing it one way. I still type DDMODIFY and DDIM. ;-)


Awesome! thx for sharing!!

how do you explain that in AC2011 even if the plot style is set to "monochrome" a pdf generated will display colors?

Make sure you have the PLOT dialog box has the PLOT WITH PLOT STYLES box checked.

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