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20 August 2010


hi, I have used the same alias command for years but in a recent upgrade some work while others seem to default such as using "12" which i identify as laymcur. in its place is continues as "SAVEASR12 Unknown command "SAVEASR12" and i cannot find or remove this in the pgp file or anywhere else...
I would appreciate any help


It sounds like it might be in your MNU->CUI. Try the CUI command to search and see if a migration brought that from your old release. LAYMCUR is not in the ACAD.PGP which is located in current AutoCAD releases at C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2011\R18.1\enu\Support.

LAYMCUR is in the CUI in AutoCAD 2011 in the commands and you can change the alias for it there. In the commmand list it is "Layer, Make Object's Layer Current". Please my CUI dialog showing the LAYMCUR.

SAVEAS12 has not been around for several releases, you now use the Export or SAVEAS to go back to R12 DXF.

Best Regards,

thank you. i ave the laymcur command working but when i try to use keystrokes '12' to envoke the command shortcut(in the pgp) it will not change. it still gives the csve as r12. I cannot find out why or where my autocad finds this command and why i cannot over write it or remove it??
thanks again

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