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22 July 2010


Hi I'm looking for autodesk's book, autocad 2005 tutorial for this program do you have any recomendation?

Does this program expect photos to be submitted only in landscape orientation or can we shoot portrait orientation? The requirements for overlapping are really dense (i.e. 10 degrees of variation per shot). Since there is so much horizontal overlap, it would make sense to shoot in portrait mode to capture as much vertical data as possible per frame.


All shots in a sequence should be the same orientation not a mix of landscape and portrait. The overlap is is just enough to tell the features on the subject and the more difference of angle and wider angle lenses the better as it exaggerates the geometry features in space.


I should mention that this type of point cloud is not a tight small tolerances such as those required for manufactured parts. For a tight tolerance reverse engineering with point cloud you would need a high resolution 3D laser scanner solution.

There are several free online resources for learning AutoCAD like augi.com and youtube. You can also purchase a new or used book on learning AutoCAD 2005.

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I can't open up my RZI properly, when I open it the program just displays something resembling the model but in red patches, slowly it generates the scene then it does it again... kinda like it's going through each photo... but its taking forever and it's just red patches...

it did display properly the first time I opened it but it was impossible to work with because it was so slow.

now it's all red.

any thoughts?

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