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14 July 2010


Thank you very much for providing this useful and handy information. This will surely help out!

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Thank you!!

Thanks. My co-worker had done that as the light background was giving her headaches. Although I still believe Autodesk should make the outside background customizable so it's not necessary to sacrifice the paper outline.

my background in paper space is white with color lines, I want change color lines to black lines, i did once but is impossible to remember how I did. thank you SO MUCH...


Use the Page Setup Manager. I used the PAGESETUP command at the AutoCAD commandline or right-click on the Layout tab and select Page Setup Manager.

Now select your layout then select Modify.
Now in the Page Setup dialog in the upper right change the plot style to monochrome and be sure to select the option to "display plot style" as that will make your layout display the monochrome.

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THANKS, that was a painful search for help until I stumbled upon this thread!

You are very welcome and thanks for reading the blog.

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