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02 June 2010


Thank you for the information. Was having a lot of trouble with autocad since updating to windows 7. After following these steps i discovered my graphics card wasnt the latest version. After updating all is going good again. Thank you once again.

I am plotting autocad sheet that contains a ole link schedule from our sheet set manager and when it plots out it is just a blob of in lines that are not legible and no text whatsoever as well. I am in Autocad 2010 by the way.

It's great to hear that you're now blocking hardware acceleration.. Great way to insure Nvidia/AMD gets to sell another $1500 card with broken functionality, while screwing any user with a perfectly functional, and often times faster, consumer graphics card. (oh yeah I forgot the cool-aid, it's actually different hardware designed just for high precision professional graphics!)

If the pro cards worked flawlessly then the 'support' argument might hold water.. but it's just overt price gouging at this point.

Great to finally have smooth line display.. 10 years late, but better than never I guess.


I am not sure I fully understand your comment without more details on your hardware. We do not block hardware acceleration but perhaps you have a very old system hardware. You do not need a $1500 video card for AutoCAD in fact some lower price cards work very well depending on how you use AutoCAD.

Best Regards,

I would suggest using insert as a native AutoCAD Table rather than pasting as an OLE object which can have multiple problems related to how OLE works.

Please have a look at an older post I made on the topic.

Best Regards,

Thank you very much for the feedback. I am glad the information helped you.


We are having all sorts of performance problems with a brand spanking new clean workstation (Win7pro 64bit, Intel i7, 8GB RAM, Certified 512MB Nvidia Quadro FX580, 750GB SATA HD). After install Autocad LT 2011 is **extremely** slow, even with the latest drivers.

The above graphics card is certified for ACAD LT2011 but all autocad forums I have looked at say that to tweak the driver I need to use the 3Dconfig command in Acad. Obviously this command is not available in LT.

Frankly, it seems to me like the 2011 release of the software could be buggy - If I cant find a fix I may have to return my copies to the dealer I brought them from.

Any ideas?

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing some issues, so lets try and figure out what is going on.

First, make sure you are sending CER reports after you crash as that tells us what is going on under the hood at time of crash.

Second email me your driver version:
1) Right click on the desktop and choose screen resolution.
2) Advanced settings
3) Properties button
4) Driver tab
Then reply to this post with what the driver number is something like or you can email me directly at shaan@autodesk.com.

Shaan Hurley

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