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15 June 2010


Wow, Can this work for archiving the files as well?

Yes, you can use eTranmit as a easy and fast way to archive files and projects.

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great post. we use etransmit for most of our project when sending drawings to clients, architects, developers and contractors.

senior design tech
Dallas, Texas

Thanks for the fast reply, I actually was wondering about the archive feature to "auto populate" notes. I did a little experiment, and yes. You do the exact same steps as the etransmit, but you name the file "archive.txt". Then when doing the archive it pulls those notes in just like the etransmit.

Thanks again Shaan,
I enjoy reading your blog. It is always informative and helpful.

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I've lost track of the number of times I've begged my customers to have their clients who supply them with CAD files to etransmit the CAD files because of missing XREF's. I loose on average between 2 to 14 days time waiting for XREF's. Recently it took 2 months for the originator of the CAD files to understand after multiple emails explaining initially via words and finally with screen prints showing the referenced files missing.

The big plus is you get the plot configuration file so you don't have to figure out the line widths to be plotted of the layers/colours


is it posible to creat a e-mail with "etransmit" in HTML format?

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Jan Willem Zeilemaker

Dear Shaan,
i just came across your blog and its been a great learning experience.
is there an option for etransmitting a whole set of files in a folder by just choosing the folder and it etransmits the whole folder drawings automatically or do we have to etransmit individually each file ?

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Abbas Reza

You can choose to eTransmit the entire directory structure or a single file and it dependant files.

It is really powerful and flexible.

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