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05 June 2010


Another method, instead of drawing and trimming the two circles is to draw a polyline starting at the upper quadrant of the outer circle, selecting the "arc" option, setting the direction at "0 degrees" using ortho mode and pointing. For the second point of the pline, pick the center of the outer circle. For the third point, pick the lower quadrant. I use this method for pipe breaks all the time.

In steps 1 and 2 I think you mean Radius instead of Diameter.

You are correct. In the quick writing I went through it twice, but apparently switched without realizing. Or perhaps it was a sneaking Easter egg to see if some smart observant person would notice. :-)



Yes that is another great method.


Intanto sei un picio che hai salvato il DWG in formato 2010 .. quando per cortesia comunitaria e necessaria compatibilità avresti potuto anche salvarlo in formato 2000.

Inoltre prima di fare dei disegni ..specialmente loghi o simboli internazionali, ci si informa e si documenta su come sono in realtà. Il tuo Ying-Yang è errato e pertanto non serve a nessuno.


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