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27 March 2010


Wow. We need a prize for somebody who can prove to have visited them all. Therapy, perhaps?

Oh, wait - that would be Shaan, wouldn't it?

Yup. Therapy. ;-)

But wait, there's more!

http://www.blog.cadnauseam.com/2010/03/26/summary-of-autocad-2011-features/ (Just a pointer to RK)

Plenty more to come.

hi,i want to draw an arc of specific radius on 2 different point and 2 different level,i dont know the arc center point...please help

You could use the Start End Angle option: http://docs.autodesk.com/ACD/2011/ENU/filesAUG/WS1a9193826455f5ffa23ce210c4a30acaf-6f60.htm

Or there are many LISP out there to draw arc many different ways.

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