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18 December 2009


Glad you liked it... It's not my cup of tea, though... we'll see. As a sidenote, James Cameron was the guest on G4's "Attack of the Show" last night. He was having a lot of fun with it, and didn't take it too serious. But I'm sure there were some geek speak orgasmics out there just eating it up when he went into some techie detail.
And he can handle a chair as a weapon just as good as a WWE Superstar!

The movie was incredible! I was worried that so much focus was put into graphical effects that the story would be pathetic (like most movies that tout great graphics)... but the story was very very good, and the graphics made it all the more believable.

I too thought the movie was stunning. The flight sequences are exactly how I imagine flying on dragonback to be!

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