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17 September 2009


No DWF viewer for the iPhone?

Yes that is something needed as well as for the Mac. We do have a free SDK available.


Downloaded and installed the "free" app on to my iTouch - very cool!! Love it!

The Autodesk SketchBook Mobile is amazing!!!
Does anyone know if a stylus is available?
Take care,
Barbra :O)


Thank you for the feedback on the SketchBook Mobile. There are stylus available for the iPhone for purchase online such as on Amazon.com.


I got the app a couple days ago and I really find it amazing!

Pretty much exactly what I've been dreaming about since I got the iPhone.

Here's a sketch I did last night: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jasonprini/3967391441/

The only criticism I would have is sometime the tool sizing doesn't detect my finger, but that's easily ignored.

What I really want is a pinpoint stylus that works with the iPhone. Fingerpaintng can only take me so far.... :)


Nice sketch especially using your fingers on SketchBook Mobile! I agree for fine details a stylus would be ideal and you can purchase one for the iPhone. You should add you sketch to the flickr group Designed or constructed using Autodesk software.


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