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21 September 2009


Works fine in my VM on my Macbook Pro. I run Civil 3D 2010 with it.

Thank you Rick. I also run it in both Parallels and Bootcamp on my MacBook in addition to my Lenovo laptop.

i have not been able to get Inventor 2010 to install on Windows 7. I realize this was an Acad forum. But figured I would pass it along. It errors out on installing the font files for some reason. I have tried several workarounds to no avail.

I've run C3D 2010 on Windows 7 64-bit for quite a while now (well back into the beta) and it has out-performed XP 32-bit in both speed and reliability.

At first I ran it on an AMD X2 6000+ with 8gigs of RAM (great) and for the past couple months an i7 box with 12gigs (awesome).

The only real problem I run into is that I can generate surfaces & corridors here at home that the XP box at the office chokes on.


AutoCAD 2010 works fine but sometimes unexpectedly shuts down and will not let me save changes; when opening AutoCAD again not saved backup and recover files.

Thanks, I write from Colombia, please excuse my english.

Our experience with AutoCAD 2010 and Civil 3D 2010 on Windows 7 has been generally positive although we are running into a strange issue that seems to happen randomly. After opening a drawing acad.exe will use maximum cpu anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 or 4 minutes and then returns back to normal. There doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason. Computers with different specs, I've used process monitor which doesn't seem to show anything wrong...it's not any particular drawings, it just happens occasionally on both the Release Candidate and RTM for us. I've tried without antivirus software installed...same thing. Running Vista SP2 on the same hardware doesn't experience this issue.

What about Inventor 2010 and Windows 7? Please make a Statement , Autodesk!

I ran AutoCAD Architecture & MEP 2010 on the release candidate OK. Waiting for a (corporate approved) release build to test, due sometime soon.

In C3D 2010 I couldn't open DWGs using the dialogue box, it would browse fine, but unresponsive when I selected a file... I had to drag and drop from Explorer to get into drawings. Other than that it seemed good!

My experience has been very positive with Windows 7 for a very long time.

I can attest that the issues that Jesse mentioned are in fact very annoying to say the least. I ended up reinstalling Vista because of it. I also experienced a lot of crashing, which helped drive me back to Vista. I do agree the performance was there when there was no issues. Hopefully the final version will fix these issues. I'm running Civil 3D on 64-bit. I should mention that Vanilla AutoCAD didn't seem to have these issues.

Running AutoCAD MEP 2010 on Windows 7 RTM (Release to Manufacturing), both 64 bit, works great!

I've been running 64-bit Windows 7 as my production OS since the first beta was released, with few problems. I've installed and run AutoCAD 2008 through 2010, AutoCAD Architecture 2008 through 2010 (hacking ACA 2008 to install on a 64-bit OS), Revit 2010, and 3ds Max Design 2010. This is on a Dell Precision M4300 laptop with a Quadro FX mobile GPU.

So far the only major issues so far is dealing with beta nVidia video drivers (they would sometimes just shut down in Revit) and horrible graphics performance in 3ds Max using Direct3D drivers. Setting 3ds Max to use OpenGL solved the issue.

Any other serious issues I've had (intermittent crashes) could not definitively be traced back to an OS-caused issue, although they could have been.

I just installed the Windows 7 RTM on my production laptop with nVidia's WHQL Quadro driver, along with all of the apps in the Revit Architectural Visualization suite without issue.

Thank you for all the great feedback everyone!

The only issue I have had on my new Windows 7 Enterprise verison machine is finding a NVIDIA driver for the Quadro mobile that works and support the Windows 7 RTM version. I personally think many drivers wont be released until after October 22 when Windows 7 is released publicly.

As with Jason's experience, we had installed Autocad 2009 on Windows 7 (both 32-bit) and every 5 or 6 times you use the 'open', 'save' or any command that opens the dialogue box, the whole computer freezes and requires a hard re-boot. As our IT dept wants the whole company to switch to Windows 7 - has anyone found a fix for this? We tried the 64-bit version, but then our other 3rd party softwares are not compatible.

I can confirm the above, all works great for a while on win 7 64, but then after a while you try to save as and the app just crashes, I also seem to have a problem with the system memory not being used, it only seems to use about 2.8 gig when i have 6 gig installed, if anybody know a work around i would love them forever, thanks

I have been using AutoCAD 2010, AutoCAD Architecture 2010, and AutoCAD Mechanical 2010 on Windows 7 32-bit without this issue. Perhaps it is Civil 3D or 64-bit specific. Please make sure to submit the error report when it crashes so Autodesk can research the cause.


When I run for first time Autocad Architecture 2010 on Windows 7 Pro x64, before appearing the NFW Acad stops working and crashes. Then I get I message from Windows that will apply compability settings to acad.exe and when I run it for second time it works fine. The only problem I have is the osnap menu, the most of the chekboxes are not there. If you want I can send you a picture, to show you what I want to say.

I have found a work around for this problem as i had the same, once your drg is open, go to quick view toolbar at the bottom right of the screen, click on open and then cancel, after this you should be able to open and save as normal, this worked for me so far, good luck

I am experiencing some issues in Windows 7 Enterprise x86. From time to time it freezes my Windows 7 environment completely while startinf an Open Dialog/Save Dialog. This goes so far that even my mouse powers down.

Only resolution to the problem is to power the entire notebook down with it's power button. Today it happend 2 times in 15 minutes.

P.S. I'm running AutoCAD LT 2010.

I've been pleased with Civil and Civil 3D on Windows 7 on a Windows Network. Yesterday I installed plain Jane AutoCAD 2010 on the same machine and now neither Civil, nor AutoCAD works. It could just be a fluke, but I thought I'd mention it. Otherwise, I agreee, there have been no crashes nor "AutoCAD is running out of system memory" messages on Windows 7. These were notorious on XP on the exact same machine. (3.0 Ghz Intel Core2 Duo E8400 with 4 GB RAM)

I downloaded AutoCAD10 free as a student from the Autodesk website. This fails to install on my new laptop with windows 7. Any ideas?


2010 should install on Windows 7 unless you are trying to instal the wrong versions such as the 64bit on a 32bit version OS.

Best Regards,

I just bought a computer with the O.S. Windows 7 and when I try to install Autocad 2010 it says that the Operative System is not compatible!!!! What can I do?!?!?! Thanks!

Dell Vostro w/ Windows 7 Pro and Autocad 2010.

Intermittently slow mouse / crosshair movement in drawing window (not when I mouse over menus, toolbars, etc.) is driving me nuts. It goes away sometimes, but always comes back, seemingly at random. Grid is off, dynamic input is off, etc, etc.

System freezes randomly too, and requires a hard reboot everytime. Yuck. I'm back on XP now.

Early 2008 MacBook Pro, 2 GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT, VRAM 512 MB

Parallels Ver. 5, lastest update.
Fresh install Windows 7, Home Premium

Fresh install, AutoCad LT 2010 with updates.

Windows 7 ran ok, all aspects, albiet a little slow.

AutoCad, would start just fine, then "not responding" Never could get it to work.

Back tp XP, AutoCad runs great.

Anyone have a "not responsing" issue?

I just loaded windows 7 on my computer. I use LT 98(sure its old, I know) and it ran fine on xp. now I get a "heap" fatal error anytime i try to save a file. I've tried to roll back to xp with the feature provided in windows 7 professional but that still doesn't help. I guess I know why autodesk calls it a heap error now.


The heap error is a memory heap error that to me indicates a DLL or component is not compatible. LT98 is over 10 years old and designed for Win95/98. The only possible solution could be to run LT98 in compatibility mode for Windows 98 on your Windows 7.

I had to get a new DLL to get my AutoCAD R14 (same AutoCAD version as LT98) to run on the latest Windows. I am not sure but perhaps the same DLL replacement could solve your issue. Please see my post and let me know. (http://autodesk.blogs.com/between_the_lines/2008/07/autocad-r14-and.html) There may be other compatibility issues once you get past the heap error.

Best Regards,


AutoCAD 2010 is indeed compatible with AutoCAD 2010. Please make sure you are trying to install the correct version such as the 32bit AutoCAD 2010 on the 32bit Windows 7 or 64bit on the Windows 7 64bit.

Best Regards,

I have the same problem. When I try to open or save a file Autocad crash. I have Win 7 x64 with Autocad 2010 x64, the same error with Autocad 2007 x32. I don't know why.

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