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21 July 2009


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can you use any mouse on a mac? if not how does the one button thing work?

Th days of a single button mouse on Mac is a thing of the past. You can now use a standard mouse.


Hi Shaan,

Any idea what are Autodesk's plans for supporting other languages apart from English?




I am not sure of future language support plans at this time.

Best Regards,

Hello Mr. Hurley I have a question, I've installed Autocad LT 2006, and i want to install service pack1, when i'm trying to install servicepack, show me an error, it tell me that the service pack couldn't be installed beacause don't have Autocad LT 2006, and, like I said, this software is installed in my machine, what can i do to solve this issue.

Best regards, thanks for everything.

Luis Villaseñor

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