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29 May 2009


This is odd! I assume there is a wide chinese population in the US whom first language is not English and perhaps several of them actually works with AutoCAD. Wouldn't it help them to improve their work efficiency if they can use their native language? I mean I am not a native english speaker either and even though I live within an English speaking environment for ages I still open up my dictionary occasionaly. I am sure that a Chinese extansion would be welcomed in the Americas region as well as in Japanes one.


This is the fiurst step into language packs for Autodesk products and hopefully more global support in the future. It may seem odd but there are several reasons for the limited language family supported in region for subscription as well as product support.

Shaan Hurley

Ok then, let's see what the future will bring us in terms of language support and hope the best!


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