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23 March 2009


When dwg trueview 2010 will be available?
It's a must to be using Autocad 2010 in a professional environements when most architects and enginers have not yet upgraded!


The stand-alone installation download of Autodesk DWG TrueView 2010 should be available any day, hopefully this week.

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Thank you

Some of the computers in use in the shop here won't allow installation of the DWG TrueView 2010. The error says "Your current processor is not SSE2 compliant. To install and run DWG TrueView 201, you must have a processor that is SSE2 Compliant." This has created an issue now since the tool room needs to maintain older computers that are compatible with their equipment, and we are forced to save backwards every file that they need to use. Since we've already migrated files we're in something of a predicament. Any suggestions?


I am sorry to hear you are having problems installing TrueView 2010. The SSE2 CPU requirement is quite common in graphics applications and only affects a couple AMD computers over 8 years old.

Are these 8 year old AMD machines?


How come you can not measure between LDT points using node snap? Not even insert. Will not recongnize as an object.

Any ideas???


I am not sure as I am not a Civ3D user. I will see if I can get an answer from someone.


trueview crashes whenever I try to convert dwg files from 2010 to 2004. viewing the files in trueview are fine, but it doesn't help if I cant work on the files.

I have tried installing trueview on various other machines in the office without much luck. any ideas what the cause of this may be? most PC's I tried it out on are 32bit core2quad with 4gb RAM (Vista & XP OS).


Please make sure to send in a CER report when it crashes so it can be researched. You can also email me specific details as it sounds like you might have a corrupted DWG file.


I would like to know if i can convert .pdf to cad

How to calculate area of a building using true view 2010? Is there tutorial available for the same?


TrueView is free so I would strongly suggest just downloading the latest with the area functionality.



My husband has been working on autocad 2000 and just got a new laptop and has autocad 2010 64 bit - I downloaded TrueView but cant convert to 2010 - PLEASE HELP !! this is affecting our business now :(


I am not sure I understand your problem without more details. Are you saying you are unable to convert 2000 format files to the 2010 format or the inverse or something else? TrueView can convert both directions on both 2000 and 2010 format files even up to the 2013 format and back down to the R14 formats. Your husband with AutoCAD 2010 should be able to open and read 2000 files without the need for Trueview. You can email me at shaan at autodesk.com


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