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24 March 2009


All Right!!! somebody listened and now I won't get all kinds of carp from my in-DUH-viduals!!!


Please note that images stored on Flickr are blocked by our corporate filters.


That is really too bad your IT blocks Flickr as it is not insidious or dangerous, just pictures.

Next they will block Google, Yahoo, and disney.com. ;-)


Is there any way to get the source code for these tabs? I was going down the road to make my own with a CAcUiDockControlBar , but I like how these behave better. I know enough ObjectARX to maybe eventaully make my own, but time is always limited it seems and better spent elsewhere.

Matt, I agree with you, the source code would be nice, I seem to remember ADESK providing it for a brief moment and I downloaded the source some time back, but it was no where as complete as this one.

Thanks again Shaan.


I have seen this version, which works great in 2010, and I have seen the one for 2007 versions.
Is there a version that will work with 2008/9 on Vista and Vista 64-bit?

There is no 64-bit version for the previous AutoCAD 2007/2008/2009 version of this tool.


This application program is very found useful.
Thank you for the latest version. :-)

Dear Shaan,
i'll ask about (AutoCAD 2010 free bonus tool drawing tabs).. i already install the MDITabs.ARX application 32bit and it's work good BUT there is asmall star appear after the name of drawings (Ground.dwg*).
These star indicate to what?



Thanks for posting your question. The asterisk indicates a change has been made to the drawings database dbmod. This can occur in some cases when a drawing has to be converted to a newer format or has objects updated on open.

Thank you for Reading Between the Lines.

Best Regards,


A must have, but the tab order is wrong:
opening A.dwg, then B.dwg, then C.dwg displays tabs C B A from left to right

Speaking of the little asterisk, it would be nice if the Styles toolbar showed an asterisk next to the Dimension Style if it has Overrides applied. That way I can quickly see if I need to make adjustments before I begin dimensioning.

Great tool, thanks a bunch.

An options to save and then close would be nice (at least from my viewpoint)

Again, much appreciated.


where do I find the "tools" command in AutoCad 2010

thank you for such a great tool. do you have plans for a 2013 version?

Yes, of course it is free in the AutoCAD 2013 App store.

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