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26 February 2009


Hello Shaan,

You should really mention that you will need MS Visual Studio 2008 SP1 to do ANYTHING with ObjectARX 2010. Previous MS version are not compatible.

I have a student with AutoCAD 2010 at home, but we are using 2009 at the college. The student has saved her drawings as older versions compatible with 2009, but they still won't open. The files are invalid. Have you had this problem?

I would make sure they are truly 2007 format saved drawings instead of the 2010 format. You should not have any problems.

In our LISP code, we have a custom routines file that is a .dvb format. We are having problems with 2010 loading that particular file. Any suggestions

A DVB is a VBA macro. With AutoCAD 2010 you need to download and install VBA separately.


Best Regards,

Are Autocad LT 2010 is compatible with Autocad LT 2002.
Our Client using 2002 and if we buy 2010. Are we able to work on 2002 files with 2010 software and Vice Versa?

Please let me know before we buy the software.

hi sir AutiCAD 2006 file is not opened in AutiCAD2010 version

AutoCAD 2012 can definitely open AutoCAD 2006 format DWG files. Perhaps there is something wrong with your drawings. Try using the RECOVER and AUDIT commands.


Hello, a few of us in our office just got new computers and had civil 3D 2010 installed. My computer is too old to run 2010, so I still use civil 3D 2007. Is there any way for us to work back and forward in drawings? Thanks!

With custom objects in Civil 3D you can only move them to newer formats, not backwards as older releases will not have all the latest objects.

I would suggest looking at support.autodesk.com and the Autodesk forums for what other people do.

some cad 2009 files are not open in cad 2011


There are not enough details to know what may be specific to these DWG files. Valid DWG files from prior releases are able to be viewed in later versions.

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