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11 January 2009


Looks like Microsoft pulled the download :)

Could it be this generated too many hits?

Yes they apparently got overly swamped by requests for downloads of the Windows 7 beta. Although the download direct links are still working the download pages are redirected. I would imagine they will roll it live again really soon.


I dl'd the 64-bit version (3.15 gigs) in about 1.5 hours Saturday. I'm gonna have some fun.

So what do you call it when you run beta software on a beta OS? Double jeopardy? Or just leading with your chin?

I have successfully downloaded both 32 and 64-bit versions (installed just 32 so far).

Looks pretty much like a Windows Vista with all bugs fixed, some enhancements and with a huge performance improvement!

Don't you think that would be better to name it as Windows Vista R2? :)


Inventor 2009 and Windows 7 :)


how to install autocad 2009 in Windows 7


In my personal testing AutoCAD 2009 and 2010 just installed normally on Windows 7 without modification. Just make sure you install the 32bit AutoCAD on the 32 bit version of Windows 7 and 64bit on the 64bit Windows 7.

Best Regards,

I'm running autocad 2009 64bit on Win7 64 bit.

Runs smoothly enough. Although i did run into some imcompatibility issues. Tried all previous windows compatibility modes to no avail. It locks up the program just after you close the welcome window whats new window.

tracked the problem down *I think*

Freezing issues only occur if i launch the program from the new taskbar. (I love the taskbar)

Sadly now i use the desktop shortcut and this seems to rectify the problem.

I noticed this with several other programs as well that when launched from the taskbar issues can occur.

Hi, I'm currently trying to run AutoCAD MEP 2009 on Win7 64-bit. The trouble I'm running into is that every time I try the 'open' or 'save as' command the program freezes. It also seems to happen if i try to select an object without starting a command first. Anyone have similar issues? any ideas? I've tried repairing and finally a re-install niether seemed to fix this.

I am running Autocad LT2009 on Windows 7 (version 7100). Install is fine.

It is very sluggish every time i draw start to draw a line - whether in a brand new file or large file. I have tried all of the different compatibility settings but nothing.

In order to access the "compatibility settings" for Autocad, you have to actually go to the .exe file and right click. it does not work through the desktop icon or under the programs tab.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Do you know if AutoCad 2008 will work with the windows 7?


AutoCAD 2008 should work in compatibility mode but there may be some issues and it is not officially supported. I am even running AutoCAD R12 Windows, R14, and even AutoCAD 2.18 in my Windows 7 machine.


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