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23 January 2009


Can you help to which software version should I purchase. I am printer. I have clients in my city who brings AUTOCAD 2008/2007/2006/2005 DWG files for printing. They are sometimes black and white and some are in Color.
I need a software which opens these files and able to print it with preview. How I used in Autocad 2007 trial package. I dont know how to draw the drawings. Only require for printing. I Tried other software like AXCAD which are cheaper. But getting very good results in AutoCad 2007. I Print Civil, Mechanical and interior drawings. Help me.
My budget not more than US$ 300.
Varun Gandhi


You can use one of two free Autodesk software packages to accomplish what you want.

If you want to plot DWG files you can use the free DWG True View which is 100% AutoCAD and DWG compatible http://www.autodesk.com/dwgtrueview.

If your clients were to use the DWF format you can use the Autodesk Design Review http://www.autodesk.com/designreview.

Best Regards,

How can i disable walk and fly because when i am editing my drawing it's difficult to rotate when it is in walk and fly mode. maybe somebody use my computer and used my autocad and accidentally activated walk and fly. Thanks!


You mentioned that you can record walking & flying around in a model. I have no problem navigating around but can't seem to find out how to record the movements ?? Help !!!


There is the option to save ShowMotion or record a motionpath.


there is one option - Motion Path Animations in view toolbar
select this option , after mention these - camera point / path , target point / path , no of frames - select the rile format - ok

Best Regards,
Nawaf Mohd


When I record a 3DFLY or 3DWALK my background doesn't come out. All I get is an animation of my model with a black background.

Please help if you have any ideas for me.


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