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28 January 2009


Item 3 - if you overwrite the DWS file, do you not lose the orginal layer mapping information?

Yes if you overwrite the DWS you change the reference standards for layers.


Very good article. I was not aware of this type facility in AutoCAD. This makes life much easier. Everytime you don't have to match the layers etc.

Thanks you for information

Tom Kelly

"Item 3 - if you overwrite the DWS file, do you not lose the orginal layer mapping information?"

I believe you do - I've just tried this and it lost my mappings (but i made a copy before overwrite).

What I found was.. if you open a drawing with say 200 layers and map them all, save as DWS and it will save those mappings for you, however, when you load a different drawing with only 50 of those 200 layers and load the DWS file, only 50 mappings pop up. Say you add 5 additional mappings and would like to append them to the DWS by overwriting, the DWS file only has 55 mappings instead of 205 like one would expect. They way I've worked around this is to have a DWG in the same folder, with all 205 layers and insert that as a block before the laytrans so that ALL the mappings populate the window.

Are there any other fixes to make layer translator add ALL mappings regardless of what layers exist or are missing from the drawing?

It would be nice if it could handle wild cards, such as


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