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08 December 2008


Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you can have *reduction* percentages greater than 100% :)
That's sort of like traveling at a negative speed.

Great to hear from you. As strange as it sounds when comparing two values you can show the resulting delta in a percentage greater than 100%. I don't think there is a rule that you can go one and not the other direction.

What is you opinion on best method to express a file reduction? How about "a reduction to about 10 times the original file size".


For the examples you gave:
2.697MB -> 0.249MB = 90.8% reduction in size
(1 - (0.249/2.697))*100

31.697MB -> 0.867MB = 97.3% reduction in size
(1 - (0.867/31.697))*100

Does this make sense?

Best regards,
David Kozina


You made perfect sense. Thank you. I will edit the values to more in line with your logic.


Shaan can you find out why the bonus packs are not available to auto cad Architecture subscription users?

We are working with the vertical product teams like AutoCAD for Architects to support the AutoCAD Bonus Packs. We know people want them.

One bright spot is the features will be in the future release of AutoCAD so they will automatically be in the AutoCAD vertical products.

Best Regards,

Hi Shaan

With this new functionality "Exporting layers into PDF" should i then be able to view the layers from the CAD drawing in Adobe Illustrator and get the colours CMYK or RGB to transfer through?

Cheers Paul

Thank you for the interesting question.

The main purpose was for PDF export for PDF viewing not the export to PDF for consuming in Adobe Illustrator or other PDF consuming tools.

I am not sure how Illustrator imports a PDF file and what layering actually does in relation to standard Illustrator or Photoshop layers. So it may or may not work and the only way is to give it a try.

Best Regards,

gostei muito PDF, obrigado
Ivan Soares

why is the autocad architecture blog " Between the walls" the only one that's never updated. Does Chris no longer work at Autodesk?

Chris Yanchar still works for Autodesk just in another position. I am not sure what he plans to do with his blog Between the Walls, but will send him a quick email.

Best Regards,

I hate to sound like there's some conspiracy to kill Autocad Architecture, but Auto desk don't seem to be doing a good job to make users believe its not the case.

bonus packs,
site removals,
the blogger.


You are right we are not doing enough for AAC. I have emailed some on the team. Chris has changed positions and has not had the time to blog and Bonus Packs are common to all vertical products not just AutoCAD for Architects "AAC" and we are working on this from the platform team.

You can contact any Autodesk product team with a web form. This web form goes to the management for the product including QA, product managers, and software development.

1.Go to Autodesk.com
2.Select "Contact Us"
3.Select "Feedback", "Products"
4.Select the product
5.Complete the form.

On submitting the form it is sent to many on the Management and most are responded to when there is an answer or
enough details provided at least on the few teams I participate on.


Best Regards,

Any news on when it will be supported in other flavors of AutoCAD? I use AutoCAD MEP.


No news to report on other AutoCAD based products supporting the Bonus Packs.

Best Regards,

I have PDF Bonus on my machine and when I use the Sheet Set Manager it works great except it opens all PDF's created. ie if I select 20 drawings to print as PDF it will plot them and open each and every one of them. Annoying if you ask me. How do I stop this? Also how do I specify the PDF name? At the moment, it prints with File name and sheet title. I would like just file name...

Thanks in advance

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