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14 November 2008


Some great tools in the bonus pack. It's a shame it won't install with any of the vertical installations of AutoCad, in my case Inventor series.

Hi Shaan,

can we use these bonus packs with autocad verticals like map or civil?

In case it is not possible: I ask "Why?" and "When can costumers of vertical products benefit from the new functions?"

Sascha L.

Why aren't these bonus packs available to LT subscribers?

We are talking with the other teams about this feedback.

Thank you,

Yeah, I second that opinion. I have civil 3D 2009 and would love to be able to use the bonus packs.

I am a sub. user and its not avail for autocad architecture. its almost like Autodesk is punishing us for not either having the basic, or for not having revit.
I can't understand why this would be availible to all user on subscription.

Again I can't login in the subscription center! I have just recieved the login and pasword from the autodesk site, but still I recieve an error...


Perhaps your account has a problem and you just need to contact and work with Autodesk Subscription support to resolve it.

Please have a look at http://www.autodesk.com/signin-help

I found the news on Heidi Hewett's blog first and was a little befuddled when I couldn't download the bonus pack from the Subscription site. It wasn't until I came here that I found that it hadn't 'officially' been released yet, or at the very least, isn't officially available for download yet.

I'm guessing Heidi would probably read a note from you before she'd get to an email from an unrecognized address, so you might want to let her know that it's not yet available for download. (Because her blog says it's already available.)

Jon G.


Both AutoCAD Subscription Bonus Pack 2 (PDF)and Bonus Pack 3 (3D Printing) are available for download and use by AutoCAD Subscription customers. Bonus Pack 2 has been up for download for over a week and Bonus pack 3 just went live in the last 24 hours.

We are also working with other AutoCAD based product teams for supporting the Bonus Packs in the future.

Best Regards,


With the packs work with AutoCAD MEP?
If not, will they be made for verticals as well?


The Subscription Bonus Packs are currently only released for AutoCAD. We are working with the other product teams for future support.

Best Regards,

Where do I find the correct link for the bonus packs? the Link above dows not work. We have a current up-to-date subscription. I've searched the subscription site and can't find any links to the Bonus packs, any I find just fail.


If I go to http://subscription.autodesk.com and login, I then select the Product Downloads from the left side menu and all 3 Bonus Packs are available for download.

Best Regards,

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