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31 October 2008


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Hi Shaun,

I am looking for someone to help us put together a presentation that uses 3d renderings of a generic 4 dr car. We want to be able to mouse over and click on different mechanical systems of the car and have the system be highlighted, rotate out of its position and then explode into its many parts. Could you suggest someplace where we might look for such an artist/engineer? Thanks in advance for your help.

I reformatted my computer and when I re-installed AutoCAD LT, my 0 layer looks black instead of the white I am used to. I choose white for the layer color but it still looks black. Help?

PS - I hope you enjoyed Turkey!


Yes I did in deed enjoy Turkey. I want to go back for the people, architecture, history, and food! I want more Dut, baklava, and meatballs.

As far as your LT question. Layer 0 is a special layer that is white on black or black on white background. It depends on your drawing as it changes depending. If it did not change your layer might not appear when it was black on a black background.

Best Regards,

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