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22 September 2008


This is quite interesting data (and nice graphs).
BTW, wasn't it Customer _Involvement_ Program?



Great to hear from you my friend.

Yes, you got me on the the one mention of Improvement instead of the proper Involvement. I have corrected this.

Best Regards,

I believe the ACAD graph is still missing the most used command "BUTTON-ESCAPE".


ESC is technically a cancel of a command, not a specific command itself.

I would agree that the ESC key is worn out on most AutoCAD user keyboards. :-)


Shaan, amazingly cool graphic. Little was explained as to the lines tying the words together. Can you explain. Finally, something back for all those CIP reports back in the day....and oddly enough, its erase we do most, in all the different softwares...scary that we spend more time undoing what we did wrong to begin with.


Great to hear from you. There is a chart key in the bottom left of the image.

The lines linking commands to other commands are the most likely next command as opposed to statistically the next command which is shown to the right of the command.


Hi Shaan,

Is there a graph available for Civil3D at all?

Great graphs BTW. The Research Group should be congratulated.


These were the only products available in the command analysis at this point. I am sure there are other products and chart types. I will try and get them as they are made available.

Best Regards,

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