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28 August 2008


sir, i love autocad very much, at present am learning in a private centre . now am in level3 extrude, mirror3d. i mean solidmodeling i have bookmarked some videos in youtube it in my blog, click connection. i will follow u.

Wow. Something for everyone unless, of course, you are an ACA subscription holder like me. Guess I wasted my money on that subscription. :(

The thing that hacks me is that the install for the Bonus Pack immediately tells you that "Installation of the AutoCAD 2009 Subscription Bonus Pack 1 requires that an AutoCAD 2009 related product is already installed". If Mechanical isn't a "related" product, what is it? You sure can't run Mechanical without AutoCAD. And what makes Revit a related product when Mechanical isn't? This is bull.


It is not really bull. Here is what it is.

The first AutoCAD Subscription Bonus pack was designed and developed for plain base AutoCAD not a vertical version like AutoCAD Mechanical and this is listed in the ReadMe. The Revit series is the only product running plain base AutoCAD not modified in the box so it was able to install and run the first Subscription Bonus Pack.

We are looking to make sure that the AutoCAD regardless of version will be able to use them in the future and make sure the vertical teams also test and support the Subscription Bonus Packs.

Thank you for your feedback,

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