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25 July 2008


Man do I hate the subscription site....
know where I can find this under?

Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2008

Architectural and Industrial Visualization with mental ray and 3ds Max Downloadable DVD


Thank you for the feedback and I too get lost from time to time on the site. You can use the subscription feedback email to explain specific subscription website issues you have.

As for the 3ds Max DVD content launching today so the site is being updated. It appears to me only some of the items are appearing at this minute so I would suggest checking back on Monday.

Thanks for reading Between the Lines blog and posting your question.

Best Regards,

thanks Shaan,

yah, I guess when I saw your posting I got all excited :-)...I'll check back next week.

...what "Man do I hate the subscription site...." isn't constructive enough :-)

yes, I am a pretty sarcastic guy :-)

Myself, along with most people I’ve talked to find the site just awful to navigate through...the content when you can find it is great, but the site needs to be completely redone. That’s all. ;-)


Nothing for AutoCad Architecture?

Correct it appears nothing specific for AutoCAD Architecture in this Autodesk subscription update but there was an item on July 11th update and prior as well and most likely in the future although I am not on the AutoCAD Architecture Team.

Best Regards,

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