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26 April 2008



This utility works great but it changes the layer manager button into a "previous command" button. I am not sure why this is happening but I have confirmed it on several computers. Is there any way to remedy this?

Great! It realy works and stops the extremely slow opening of Cad files.

We've run this utility on a project numerous times, but the scale list problem keeps recurring. Any suggestions?

Wow! I love this application.

I really had hard time opening some files with excess scale, it was too slow.

Running this one solved the problem.


I came across this page when I was having trouble with excess scales on a drawing. I tried the cleanup utility but it didn't work for me. It didn't install correctly or something.
Anyway I came up with another solution.
In the drawing you're having trouble with excess scales, type the following:-
"-scalelistedit" (it's important to type the minus in front of the command).
Then type r (for reset) & return.
This should remove all the scales ecept for all bare minimum ones.

The tool works great (I don't have the issue with the layer manager button), but even after installing the SP1 on all our machines, and afterwards cleaning up all files (checking the log files afterwards as well) the scales keep messing up. We have to clean up our files almost on a daily basis. Shouldn't the Service Pack fix this problem?
Any help appreciated,


Also, using -scalelistedit can disable the Plot function, on a per drawing basis - works ok after reopening.

I cant get this Scale List Cleanup Utility to work. It is looking for a acdb17.dll file

This utility works great, as long as the list of drawings isn't too long or complex. Otherwise, it just stops short of completion and does not produce a report. Any fixes?


Thank you for the feedback. I have not heard any reports or seen it not complete or hang in my usage. It could be the type of drawings you have, or system.

Do you have specifics so we can look into this?

Best Regards,

Well it's nice Autodesk release this as a "fix". but why can't they actually fix their product instead of just releasing this "3rd party product"?

we run autocad 2008 sp1 and we have this problem all the time, and it's lagging us behind schedule. due to complex installation and usage of this program, this problem is not as easy fixed as one could think.


The problem was resolved in AutoCAD 2008 SP1 and the fixed code is also in AutoCAD 2009. This utility was only released to clean files created prior to the Service Pack or fixes in the product.


Best Regards,

I have used the utility and fix the problem, but now the repaired files does not appear properly when linking into a 3DMax file, and I have no problem with other linked dwg files in wich i havent used the utility... any comments?

Is there a version for 2010?

that does work, but the problem comes in if people have multiple xrefs with thousands of scales you have to do that command in each xref. The above Utility will clean all files if selected with out having to open each xref individually.

my question is what sense makes the annotation scale. there should be an option to clean the scales while saving the file. we're working with quite complex xref structure in our files and it's really **ssing me off to clean up the files al the time. it doesn't make sense. if you forget to do it for a while, you get millions of scales. WHY?

We, like GK, are still having this issue even with SP1 loaded. Ideas?

is there an option to find somewhere a script that automatically clean the scalelists when you save the file?
this offered tool is nice but in reallity if you jump between several files that are cross xrefed you get immeadetly millions of annotation scales. it would be very helpful either not to have any scales at all or an automated clean tool (also for purge). This is what you always forget...

This little program just saved a massive mental breakdown, and a severe case of throwing computers out of windows in my office. Fantastic Work :)


I tried your utility the dey before my issue!

It works!! Thanks!

hi could someone help me, I need to install ccleanerup scales for autocad 2008 and I can not say I did maso as the executable down there I decompressed it into a folder and copy the files and paste them into the folder that is autocad 2008 disk c : all programs.
I have windows 7 64 bits.gracias

Did you have AutoCAD 2008 SP1 installed first and follow the ReadMe instructions for use? Was there an error?

After AutoCAD 2008 SP1 and later releases thankfully the monster of a scalelist issue is resolved.


After installing SP1 for 2008 how would I go about cleaning up scale issues in my existing files?

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