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24 March 2008


How can I open a 2009 dwg. in Autocad 2002


You can ask the person giving you the 2009 DWG to save the DWG back in 2002 DWG format so you can read them but understand that not all features will be in the 2002 DWG format.

Why not download the free Autodesk DWG TrueView which will view all Autodesk DWG formats since 1983 and can also save and convert DWG files back to R14 DWG.



thank you so much for your help !

dear sir
my self vijay bhai profesionally engineer and i would like to take an agency to distribute urs auto cad software which is famous world wide . as i am from goa i would like to take ur agency to istribute them in various companys in goa
. hoping u wil reply regarding this matter thanking you

vijay bhai


Thank you for your comment and interest in Autodesk. You can look into the process and requirements of becoming a Autodesk reseller at the following website.


I wish you the best of success.

Shaan Hurley

Is there anywhere that has 2009 LT trial still available for download? We have a 2009 LT license, but the media was lost by our IT Dept.

I am not aware of the AutoCAD 2009 LT Stll being available from Autodesk. You can contact Autodesk customer service for replacement media. You can also send me an email at shaan@autodesk.com as I should have a copy of the media.


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