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26 March 2008


I would recommend http://www.theswamp.org/ . Great bunch of people over there; very helpful and fun.

how can i lunch the help page in autocad 2009 because i am unable to do that at present since i recently install the software.


The AutoCAD 2009 Help is located in the mennu browser, far upper right icon, as well as still available with the F1 key or the command Help. There are also PDF files on the CD of all the Help and training contant.

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will my calcomp drawing board III WORK WITH AUTOCAD 2009 LT? DO I NEED NEW DRIVERS, ETC...

You can use a standard windows device driver like prior versions.
Check out http://www.gtcocalcomp.com/supportgtcocalcompsoftware.htm

Hello, I'm testing autocad 2009, but I have several troubles with the layouts. The principal is when I import layouts by "design center". The imported layout have all elements scaled and also the viewport scale changed. I can't use my old *.dwt and *.dwg. How can I control this? Another trouble: I'm an autocad 2006's user, and in 2009 version the distances in the layouts are always the units of the model space. Can I have the distances in real print scale? thanks for your help N3TO


Does anyone know of a quick way to flick between open drawings in Version 2009. The "windows" function on the pull down seems to have dissapeared. There is a Quickview icon that brings up a view of the open drawings but takes too long to complete the process. A keystroke would be ideal.

For switching betwen documents(drawings)CTRL+TAB

AutoCAD uses other standard Windows hotkeys as well.

Shaan (on sabbatical in the SouthWestern US deserts)

Can anyone tell me how to permanatly show all of the menu bars on the top of the screen like it used to be on LT2006?

does anyone know how to find the weight of a given object. you know how to find the volume and area of a given object.so i was wondering if we could on those lines customize the existing programmes for the volume or area for finding the weight?


You can and have been able to do this for many releases. Simply use the MASSPROP command on a solid. With the MASSPROP command, you can analyze 3D solids and 2D regions for their mass properties including volume, area, moments of inertia, center of gravity, and so on. In addition, the result of the computations can be saved to a text file.

You will get more information on the object than you may ever need unless you are performing engineering COG calculations.

Make sure to set the attribute DENSITY which is 1 by default to that of your material.

You can also use an AutoCAD Table with a formula to calculate weights in a Bill of Materials.

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My mouse pointer reacts somewhat slowly with this new 2009 LT version and also it seems difficult to snap. the curser sort of "swims" back and forth.
Anybody know if there is a setting that I might have missed?

Is there a reliable easy to use program available to do a material estimate on rough residential construction such as single family homes? I use Acad Architecture 2009, but I recieve mostly .pdf files from architects.

New user of autocad Lt 2009, I have been working with Auto cad since 1994. My layor left side bar that pops out when touched just disapeared, and I can not find it.
I can not make a new layor under any other comands.


Since I cannot see your desktop I will take a guess at a solution.

It could be you accidentally moved the Layer Mgr off the screen. If this is the case have a look at the solution posted by my friends over at cadforum.cz. http://www.cadforum.cz/cadforum_en/qaID.asp?tip=5749

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