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04 March 2008


An awesome tip and a new CAD-related site I haven't seen before, .. thanks for sharing Shaan!

I also kicked this post over at:


Nifty feature, I never knew about it.

You should also mention that there is a further option pertaining specifically to paperspace viewports, whether you want to VPFreeze or turn off the layers. Before seeing this everytime I tried to LAYISO in a viewport I would get a useless viewport in return.

I guess it could be useful if you use LAYISO to set up the viewport, select the layers you want and freeze the rest. I never quite know what layers I want, and which I want to freeze. I guess its building up or cutting down. I also guess I'm rambling by now.

Is it possible to have the Layer Isolate command Freeze instead of turning OFF the other layers?

I would like the command line that will turn a layer off by clicking and object for a toolbar button. I spend a lotta time opening the layer dialogue window to switch layers visibility. AND how do I turn off the annoying windows that tell me what I just did like "the current Layer is turned off"
most annoying
I have a "Make object layer current ^C^C_ai_molc do you know of something similar???
thanks for any help.

René Wortel
519 421 2280

this may be a stupid question, but how do you isolate a layer using command line text only? I type layiso, hit enter, and then it asks me to select obejects. how do I select the layer to isolate using only text commands? Thanks to anyone who can help me on this....

You can turn off the annoying message by setting your "expert" to "1"

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