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22 February 2008


Why doesn't Autodesk just combine TrueView and Design Review? It seems very redundant and not at all cost effective to have 2 programs that do the same thing.


Great point and we do hear this but the two are different technology and user types for the most part. Thank you for your feedback. I am all for the all encompassing single "Über" application types myself.


Hello Shaan,

I've tried to open DWFx files many times with IE7 but i always have an error on the IE page who simply said that this program can't show this web page.

I have the Microsoft .NET 3.0 Framework installed on a Windows XP home (french) and i have the xpsviewer.exe but impossible to open a DWFx file.

Do you have an idea please ?




It could be possibly one of two issues. There was an early .NET 3 that was re-released due to a problem which affected DWFx.

Have you installed Autodesk Design Review 2008 previously? Installing Autodesk Design Review 2008 will set your default for DWFx filetype to Autodesk Design Review by design. Uninstalling Autodesk Design Review 2008 can in error leaves the DWFx filetype associated with Design Review instead of IE.


Also there are notes concerning DWFx in the ReadMe.



I have uninstalled Design Review 2008 and Net Frameworks 3 SP1.

I have installed Net Frameworks 3 and Net Frameworks 3 SP1 again but i always have the same problem.

DWFx seems to be associated with IE.

I've tried to open DWFx document directly with XPSViewer.exe without sucess.

Thank you


I've tried to instal Net Framework 3.5 but it doesn't work.

I despair


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