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29 January 2008


Hello Shaan

On the HyperPics blog, there is 906 commands and 654 system variables for AutoCAD 2008 and not 876 commands and 767 system variables.

What numbers are true ?



I will have to talk with Lee and figure out where are counts differ. They should be the same unless Lee has some of the undocumented and unsupported items in his lists. There are some items that are not documented officially because they were never designed, or intended to be used or supported but were used for internal testing purposes.

Thank you,


Thank you


And the AutoCAD Commands dictionary at http://www.cadforum.cz/cadforum_en/command.asp lists 936 commands (but it lists also undocumented and obsolete commands). There will be probably no single figure to agree on - AutoCAD commands countless to man...


I was wondering if you guys are still looking for, or have found someone to keep the "map" alive.
What would a person be faced with if they were to take on the responsibility?


OK, I just spoke with Lee and he added commands and system variables that were in the UI but not in the documentation for whatever reason. Lee's count counts and I will update the count on my post.

So my documented count was correct but documented could be also UI but should have been in the documentation but still would not count those commands that were only intended for internal testing and not supported.


It'd be interesting to strip the list down for LT -- might help explain *exactly* what's not included.

ojalas que sea super bueno...

Seriously? We pay $4000 for a new license, $500 a year per subscription and Autodesk can't provide this? Sorry but a billion dollar company shouldn't be looking for free support from its customers.


You get it free right now thanks to Lee and my coming up with it in the first place abnd efforts in maintaining it.

There is no asking for support from anyone and I was only joking about Lee finding another person to take it on. Both Lee and I will continue to maintain it and perhaps a public wiki format someday.

This command map is mainly intended for hardcore AutoCAD geeks and people that just want to know. It was developed, maintained, and released for the benefit of all.


A list of LT variables has been thought about for a number of years. I will see if I can come up with an easy way to integrate the information needed to track the differences in a future update. No promises of course though.


sir totally how many commands are there in autocad

It all depends on how you count the commands as some are not documented as they are not exposed or ready for customers and used internally for testing.

There are 804 commands in the current release AutoCAD 2013.

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