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19 October 2007


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Shaan and Autodesk Founder John Walker:

» Shaan Hurley met John Walker from JTB World Blog
I remember Shaan was traveling in Switzerland and looking at the background of the photo my guess was that it was John Walker that was the masked person. I was right! [Read More]

» Autodesk Founder John Walker Mentioned in Forbes Story about Steve Jobs of Apple from Between the Lines
The article was mentioning John Walker for his engineers approach to dieting with the Hackers Diet. I am sure John would get a chuckle out of this article but he is without Internet right now as he steams on a [Read More]

» An interview with John Walker from Between the Lines
My coworker a top notch developer, and also a fellow blogger (Through the Interface) Kean Walmsley just figured out that the founder of Autodesk lives not too far from the Autodesk office in Switzerland. Kean lives in Switzerland. So he had a visit and... [Read More]