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13 August 2007


I had the same problem. However, a complete removal & reinstall was necessary because the above steps did not work!!
Any more advice would be appreciated!

Thanks so much for your helpful advice! As a self-confessed luddite and a beginner at CAD, I was struggling to figure out what happened to my properties & got myself into a real 'flap' over it, (I thought I must have done something to stuff it up while I was using CAD). The file path I used to access the repair function was different though - b/c of Vista?? Anyway I took these steps: Desktop > Control Panel > Programs and Features > AutoCAD > Repair. Very grateful for your help. Cheers, Janja

Wow, this is just what I was looking for so maybe someone here can help me.

UNFORTUNATELY, I ran into another problem. When I go to the add/remove and click on Autocad2008, a bunch (like 10) pop-ups come up and says:

Error 1606 could not find network location %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Desktop

And so when the "repair" window comes up, it "fails" to complete the repair because of this.

I have a feeling I know what it is, but I'm not sure. My computer was originally made on C: drive with only about 50G (of a 500GB) drive used. Well, I was running out of room so I found out I could transfer my desktop over to the new N: drive with the rest of the HD space.

No problems for a few months. Then I got a virus or something a few days ago and did a bunch of cleans and today when i started autocad the Properties was gone. I figure I cleaned the registry or whatever and this is what happened.

Now that my Desktop is on N: drive, I think Autocad cannot repair because it doesn't know where to look. I found a help online telling me to go to regedit and update the Uster System registry for Desktop from N:\Desktop to %USERPROFILES%\Desktop and restarted, but the same error keeps appearing.


It sounds like your system is in Australian technical terms "wonky". It sounds like there is a registry and installation problem. I would make sure you are not using any of those registry cleaning software as they can be bad news and over clean valid data breaking things. You could try a repair install of AutoCAD but it sounds really bad with that error indicating your all users profile is on your desktop.

I don't ever like to suggest this but I would reinstall the OS and applications to make a clean sound system then you should be back to a stable platform to work and again no using registry cleaners.

Best Regards,

Interesting read good post.

Thank you this worked for me..just had to repair AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop 2008! Perfect solution for me!

In my case the funny thing is that for some of the polylines the global width is missing in properities and for some it is present. It depends whether the polyline has constant width applied.

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