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29 August 2007


Will additional Service Packs be released for Civil 3D and Land Desktop which include the updates made in AutoCAD Service Pack 1?

There should be vertical AutoCAD 2008 based product Service Packs with these fixes from this service pack in the near future.

Shaan Hurley

WE are having major Auto CAD issues here in our office. When we go to open a DWG (any/speratically) just as the processing image on open gets to 100% the error 0xfbe61038 (number changes everytime) exception at 62666e76h pops up and CAD crashes. Just started happening yesterday and is hit and miss on our different machines. Some have no problem and others can't do anything...when it comes to CAD 2008. Anybody else out there having this issue?


Please make sure you have the AutoCAD 2008 Service Pack installed. I cannot see any reports of this issue in my database but please make sure when you get a CER dialog after a crash to completely fill it out including a email so we can follow up. It could be machine specific, file specific, or perhaps even Windows Explorer but at this point I am not sure.


Accamera.arx is till causing Exceptions Errors in a random fashion. The AutoCAD peoples need to fix this, it's been around for more than 8 months and the Sp1 DID NOT fix it.

Many users have reported it on many different setups , configurations and situations.

Thanbk you for your comment and feedback. With regard to your Aacamera.arx issue. We cannot fix things we are not aware of or able to reproduce. We need specific details of the problem as in many cases it may be something local to the system causing the issue. Is this plain AutoCAD 2008? Does this occur on start up or when mousing over a tool palette or simple when placing a camera? Is it only specific drawing files?


I can not download SP1 from Autodesk -it appears their link for it has been broken for several months.

I have contacted them and gotten no where.

The link still works for me and I was able to download. Perhaps your URL is wrapping or a blocked link from your router or security software. Info Center should also check for updates online from with the AutoCAD Product if you enable it.

AutoCAD LT Updates

AutoCAD Updates


I am attempting to run AutoCAD 2008 30 Day trial version from Wiley Products on a brand new Dell Studio 17 with Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit OS. I downloaded the following file: 'AutoCAD2008lockedSP1x64.exe' and followed the website's directions exactly. I keep getting an installation error message: "The service pack could not be installed because the expected Autodesk product could not be located on your computer.
Make sure that you are using the correct service pack for the product."
When program on CD is promted, I get a Setup message: "This is 32-bit AutoCAD 2008. It cannot be installed on 64-bit Windows."
Please help with any suggestions.

Thank you.


It sounds like you might have the 32bit version installed on your 64bit OS although that is not supported. What version did you install, did you upgrade the OS?

Best Regards,

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